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***Warning the following is a fetish post. It involves age play. This story involves consenting adults. If you do not enjoy reading about age play, this post is not for you. Move along now. ***

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Sucking Daddy’s cock

Daddy is hosting a party at his elegant home. He just sealed the deal on a job project and there is much celebration in order. He invited all his close friends and co workers. baby girl is amongst those present. Only she is no baby nor girl tonight. Tonight she is a woman. Her long brown hair done up elegantly on her head, exposing her delicate neck. She wears a black cocktail dress that accentuates her body. She is a stunning vision of a woman.

Daddy watches her, knowing that beneath that womanly cover is his baby girl.

baby girl is pouring herself another glass of wine in the kitchen when Daddy approaches her from behind. His hand rests firmly on her arm and she lowers her glass down to the counter. His lips touch her ears as he says, “In the bedroom now baby girl. Wait for Daddy. Wait for Daddy like the bitch in heat I know you are.”

baby girl responds with a nod “yes”, her dangly pearl earrings swaying. She leaves the kitchen quickly and undetected and heads for the master bedroom.

Once inside, she strips herself bare, lays herself down on his bed and positions herself as Daddy intended. Her elbows and face pressed against the matress, her ass in the air, her back arched, pushing her wet cunt out. Yes, this is what Daddy likes. But she must wait. It feels like hours, when only minutes have passed. Being told to wait excites her, it arouses her. She feels the wetness build between her thighs. She blushes at her outward arousal. “Wait for Daddy” The sentence turns her to a puddle.

The door opens and she keeps her eyes forward, knowing that is what a good baby girl does.

“WIDER.” She hears his voice booming. She spreads her knees as far apart as she can, while still being able to push her cunt in the air.

“Look at you baby girl. Are you wet for Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispers.

“You are a vision. Isn’t she?” And baby girl realizes there is another body in the room with them. She blushes and panics but does not turn around to look. That would be forbidden. She wants to bury her face into the matress and hide.

“Yes, she is stunning.” She doesn’t have to look. She knows who it is. It is Daddy’s best friend and business partner. The only person that she is aware of that also knows her as Daddy’s baby girl.

“Go ahead, touch her. See how wet she gets just waiting for Daddy.”

baby girl feels Daddy’s friends hands on her ass. He feels his fingers as they run up and down the slit of her cunt. She can hear his breathing grow rapid.

“No no… really touch her, observe her, like this!” Daddy moves behind her and she feels his hands on her backside. They go low and spread her cunt lips wide.

“Ah look at her. Look at how wet she is. God dam baby girl! Have you no self control? Go ahead stick your finger in there.”

baby girl gasps as she feels the friend’s finger slip into her wet cunt. It dives deep inside her. Her muscles clamp down around him and she feels him wiggling inside her. She grunts.

“Fuck she has a wet and TIGHT cunt!” the friend gasps… almost in excitement.

“You think her cunt is tight, wait till you see her ass!” Daddy’s hands slide up to her ass and spread her cheeks wide. It’s almost painful. “Look at that tight, virgin ass. One day I am going to fuck that tight ass of hers and she is going to love it. My cock is going to be buried deep inside of baby girl’s ass and I am going to cum so hard, claiming that ass as mine. Watching my cum spill out of her.”

She feels fingers play with her asshole. They poke around her ass, they go inside, just to the tip. She is panting now, and still she gets wetter still.

“Fuck she is getting even wetter.” She hears his friend exclaim. Daddy steps away and moves around to the other side of the bed, she can see him now. She looks into Daddy’s eyes.

She feels his friend’s hands back on her cunt. Now he prys her apart. His fingers dig into her cunt. He is getting rough with her, losing control, getting to excited. She feel his hands go to her hips and he pulls her into him. Her cunt slams into his erection as it’s pressed against the fabric of his pants. He holds her there, pressed against him as he slowly rock his hips back and forth, mocking a fuck.

“I want to fuck her tight cunt.” he whispers.

“Not tonight,” Daddy interrupts. “baby girl is not for fucking tonight. You better wash up. It seems baby girl has made you rather wet with her cunt juices. Your wife may not be appreciative.”

“No I suppose she wouldn’t.” The friend backs away from baby girl, taking his cue that the fun is over, but not before ramming his fingers once more in her cunt. “Thank you. You have a wonderfully tight cunt.” He exits the room quickly.

Daddy releases baby girl from her position and she sits up to face him. “You are a wonderful baby girl. You make Daddy proud every day. One day he will fuck you … maybe. We shall see how much I want to share my baby girl. But not tonight. Not until he respects that you are much more than a tight wet cunt.” He smiles and kisses baby girl on the forehead. “Come, get dressed and let’s go back to the party. No panties though. I want to be able to feel that wet violated cunt of yours throughout the night.”

With a smile baby girl gets dressed and once more joins the crowd as the woman she is. She shares a secret now with two other people in the room. Once more her cunt floods with juices, her face blushes and Daddy’s hand sneaks up her dress and presses into her cunt. How she loves her Daddy.