I don’t normally do this, but it is necessary to alert my readers and fellow bloggers of a site that is stealing content to use on their site for their benefit.

The site in question is called the Scandal Shack and they claim to “share sexy scandals” but they are, in fact, the scandal and not very sexy at that. You see, their entire site is not built from original material. It is all the works of other bloggers and sites. They take the content, add their own pictures, (often pornographic) and also insert ad links within the text.

They stole both “spirited filly” and “at peace” from me… slapped it onto their site and added an image to it and also sprinkled dozens of ads throughout MY text. They never once asked me if I wanted to be part of their site. I don’t mind sharing my work on other sites from time to time and I usually do with my expressed permission first, but this site is massacring my work and the works of other bloggers. Oh and they claim it is ok to do so because they link back to the original content.

I discovered their thievery last night, because WordPress will show me who is linking to my posts. When I discovered they stole “spirited filly” I left them this comment:

WTF is this? You steal my writing and then put some trashy porn picture with it and ads!???!!! Take it down! This is not your writing to use in such a tasteless manner! Take it down NOW!

I then return back to my blog and write another post called “at peace” and wouldn’t you know… that post gets stolen too! So I leave them this message:


BTW, You won’t see my comments because they will never get approved by their site.

Their response to my comments are:

Are you illiterate ?

In any case, as a nice portal, we’d try to help even rude asshole like you.

To claim coyright, do the right thing: -


If your claim if bona fide, we will put up a notice to say something like “Asshole XXX does not want to share … we ‘re trashing her junks in no time …”
Listen, we’re here to share stuffs. This explains why we put a link to the source unreservedly … We’re more happy than to trash junks coming from cheap selfish asses.
Sharing Sexy Scandals, Always.
Clearly I am the one who is illiterate here. I mean clearly. They can’t even get their own site spelled correctly in the email signature. So my cheap, selfish ass responds with:
Yes i am very illiterate. As you can see I can’t even write posts for you to steal and insert porn pictures into and add ad links all over my words … Oh wait … You did do that. 

What on earth makes you think you have the right to steal someone’s art and then massacre it with ad links and porn pictures?

What you are doing is against the law and you stole it from MY site http://mydesire.wordpress.com. The first 2 posts on my site were stolen and then massacred with ad links. That is not sharing. That is using someone else’s work for your profit. And I am happy to be called selfish because I do not wish my hard work to be ruined with porn pics and embedded text links.

Even your copyright claims page has ads embedded in the text!

To which the Scandal Shack kindly responds with:

We’d just tell you one more time: -

There is no money in the portal, the ads or what bullshits that you’re very jealous of is only a hope to help pay for hosting, they generate nothing significant.

If you wish, you may take over our job. We’re happy to let you do the hosting as long as you agree to publish feeds from our community unreservedly, at least the way we do or perhaps better.

Enough said. Do the right thing or we’ll not entertain you anymore.

A word of advice here, next time, don’t start off calling other asshole. And if you continue to harass us, we’d embarrass thoroughly in your community.

Good nite.

Yes Scandal Shack of crap, I am very jealous of your ads and text links and what you refer on your own as “bullshits”. No thanks, I do not want your jobs. Ah.. so I am the one who has to do the right thing? Oh excuse me, I didn’t realize I was in the wrong for demanding you take down MY material off of your site. I am such a stupid girl sometimes. I find it very silly that I am harrassing you.. and what is that I see… a threat? Very nice of you. And to what community you speak of that you will embarrass me in front of?

So there you have it readers and fellow bloggers. I have in fact, “done the right thing” and submitted my claim through their site. Let’s see if it does anything. In the meantime, some of you may want to see if your stuff has been put up on their site. I have recognized one fellow blogger and will be contacting them shortly. I have also just noticed they have an HNT category on their site, so some of our images are being used for their benefit as well.

If you want to spread the word feel free to reblog this post or link to it.

xo mina

**** Update 7/28/2011 I have contacted HostGator and they have removed my posts from Scandal Shack’s site. As it stands however, Scandal Shack is still alive and still stealing content from blogs. I will have to see if he continues to import my posts from this site as I write them. ****

If you have become a victim of Scandal Shack, don’t bother contacting them. You’ll just be hassled. Contact Hostgator directly. Email them at abuse@hostgator.com and also fill out your claim quick and easily here http://www.hostgator.com/dmca.php

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