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It starts with a glance. Eyes meet from across the room. A quick movement of irises, left, right, up and down. A dance of vision. Coy smiles erupt. Cheeks burn with heat. Fingers run through hair. Does one dare traverse the distance?

A twinkle in the eye, as fingertips trail goose bumped flesh. Lips near ears, taunting and teasing with verbal promises and intimate delights. Giggles, smiles and laughter with each euphemism caught in the air. The dance of flirtation takes flight.

Hunger erupts and lips meet, but briefly. Hands grasp flesh, pulling and pushing. A steady, rhythmic back and forth. Mouths collide and tongues begin to dance. Breathing grows rapid as it is forced through nostrils. Hastily breaking away, only to find a more suitable place to dance.

Surrounded by waves of satin, bare flesh exposed. Fingers begin their dance along craving skin. Inch by inch, fingers, lips and tongues cover ground. Left side, right side, not an angle left unexplored. One diving between thighs, delivering pleasure and resisting the urge to come up for air. Until the other, pushing against the current, engulfs the other in pleasure.

There is no more resistance. Aching arousal takes over. Thighs part, exposing wanton desire. One body over another, seeking claim. One thrust, pushing forward and finding purchase. A slow, steady rock begins. A dance of intimate proportions. Rocking of hips. Pushing and pulling. Arching back meeting every thrust. Movements changing from slow and soft to fevered and furious. Cheek to cheek, lips to ears. Fingers entwined and pinned to the mattress until finally the whirlwind explodes and all comes cascading down in one final motion.

Body flushed, sweat dripping, lips dry. Panting and sighing in complete contentment. The dance ends as it has begun. A stolen glance, a meeting of the eyes. A confirmation of things that happened and things to come.

© Secret Desire

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