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*** this is what I like to call “picture to words”. I find an erotic image on the net and it inspires me to write an erotica piece ***



Even though he worked from home, Sharon’s husband was always working. He locked himself away in his office and she was often left to her own devices. She didn’t mind on most days, but found it ridiculous on the weekends. She often wondered if Clark was married to her, or his job.

On this particular Sunday, Sharon had had enough. Sunday was a day for rest and relaxation and quite frankly, Clark was neglecting her! So much so, that she has had to take matters into her own hands one too many times for her liking. As she lazily ran her fingers over her wet slit, Sharon decided it was time to get Clark’s attention. She straightened her floral print dress, left her panties on the floor, and walked into the kitchen. It was still early enough in the day, and Clark most likely had finished his first cup of coffee, so she went ahead and poured him another.

She walked down the hall to his office door and gave it a gentle tap before she opened the door and entered. Clark was busy typing away at his computer and perusing one of the many reports on his desk. Sharon walked over and placed the fresh cup of coffee down. Her husband did not move from his work. She cleared her throat. Still, his typing echoed in the room.

“Clark,” she begged his attention.

“Oh! Hmmm… what?” Clark responded absentmindedly.

“I brought you some more coffee,” she continued.

“Oh. Right, right. Just set it over there,” his eyes never moved from the screen.

Sharon sighed deeply. “Clark?”

“Yes, dear?” He flipped through a few pages of a report, tapping his pen on the table.

“I brought you something else,” she replied while lifting the hem of her dress so far up, her perfectly smooth pussy became exposed to his viewing. She could see its reflection in the glass desk top.

Just when she thought she might have to put her fist down on the table, Clark managed to put his reports aside on the desk and turn to look at her. “And what is thaaaa?” He was unable to finish his sentence as he saw what was in front of him.

“Do I have your attention now, Clark?”

He slowly nodded his head in agreement, mesmerized by the glint of the ring he gave her when they first started dating all those years ago and how it stood out agasint the luscious triangle of skin between her thighs.

“Good,” she said, as she made her way around the desk and to her husband. Clark rolled his chair away from the desk and Sharon lifted her dress and allowed her naked buttocks to sit on the glass. She spread her legs wide, resting a foot on each arm of the chair. Clark had a nice view of her plump lips, glistening with need. “You’ve been neglecting me, Clark.”

“Yes, yes I have,” he admitted as he felt his erection begin to grow.

“Fix it,” Sharon demanded. Clark felt his arousal burn, never having seen this side of his wife before.

Clark slipped down on his knees before Sharon’s spread thighs. She kept her feet on the chair, spreading her legs wider and giving him full access. His hands were at her hips immediately, digging into the soft flesh, as he pulled her into him. His mouth covered her pussy. She felt the warmth of his tongue as it danced circles around her clit and lapped hungrily at her slit. Her moans came quickly. She didn’t hold back her lust for him, not this time. Her hand went to his head and she grabbed a fistful of his hair as she pressed him even harder against her. Her hips began to grind into his face.

“Oh, Clark!” She gasped. He slid two fingers inside her and began stroking her gspot. “Oh, don’t stop!” She begged.

He wasn’t going to stop. Nothing was going to stop him from making his wife come right there on his desk. He continued to devour her as his fingers thrust inside her. Her moans began to climb and her muscles began to clench. He knew she was close. He wanted her to come for him. He wanted to feel her spasm around his fingers. He thrust even harder into her and a new sensation over came Sharon that pushed her right over the edge.

Suddenly, a guttural scream ripped from her body, as it began to tremble. Clark felt her muscles spasm hard around his fingers, but to his surprise, a small flow of liquid began running down his fingers and tongue. He lapped this up, enjoying the taste of her orgasm. It coated his chin as well.

Sharon’s thighs were still trembling as she let her legs drop and Clark sat back in his chair in front of her. He scooted closer to her and she leaned into him, kissing him deeply and tasting her on his lips.

“Wow, that was amazing,” she purred. “I don’t think I ever felt anything like that before.”

“No,” Clark smiled as he wiped his chin. “I don’t think you have either and I can’t wait to make you feel that again.”

Sharon smiled and leaned in to kiss her husband again. She let her hand wander down and felt his erection through the fabric of his trousers. “Shall we see about making you feel good now?” She cooed.

There was no getting around it, that glass desk top was smeared with their lust and Clark had some lovely memories to relive on Monday morning as he cleaned things up and put things back in order for the new work week.

© Secret Desires

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