“What are you reading?” The question startles Megan and she nearly drops the tablet onto her lap. “Must be very good, then,” her partner, Greg concludes.

“Erotica,” she tries to act casual. “And yes, it’s very good.”

Greg raises an eyebrow. “So, lots of sex?”

“Actually, no.” Megan looks into his eyes, her own sparked with desire. “This one is all about spanking.”

Greg smirks a bit, but there is no mistaking the twitch within his trousers. “And is this spanking something you enjoy reading?” Megan looks down at her tablet, unable to continue looking at him. “Tell me, Megan.” He moves closer to the bed.

“Yes, Greg,” she replies softly. “I very much enjoy reading it.”

“Do you think you’d like to have a spanking?” Greg implores.

“Only one way to find out!” Megan answers coyly. Greg beckons her closer, eager to lay his hand on her. “One rule, Greg. If at any  moment I say the word ‘red’, you must stop right there and then. It means I can’t take anymore.”

“You mean, it’s not an indication you want me to make your ass bright red?” Greg teasingly lets his fingers caress her neck.

Megan swats his hand away and playfully slaps him on the arm. “I’m serious Greg, if I say ‘red’ you must stop.”

Greg backs away his hands in the air in playful defense, “OK ok, I hear you loud and clear, Megan, ‘red’ means stop. Now get over here so I can spank you.”

Megan pushes the covers off of the bed and removes the camisole. To Greg’s delight, she keeps the light cotton panties on for him to remove himself. She gets on all fours, steadying herself.

“Is that how the spanking happened in the story?” Greg asks.

“No,” Megan answers. “It’s how I want it to happen.”

Greg mouths the word “oh” and moves closer to Megan. He reaches over and grabs hold of the fabric of her panties. Megan inhales sharply as she feels his fingers curl into the fabric and then slowly, so very slowly, pulls them down the plump curve of her ass and down her thighs. She exhales deeply, moaning in contentment. Greg feels a more demanding throbbing within his trousers as he looks at Megan’s bare ass.

“Are you ready?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she replies and arches her back, pushing her buttocks further, the lips of her pussy beginning to swell.

The first smack lands firmly on her right cheek. It stings a little, but not to her satisfaction. “More,” she breathes.

The first smack is followed by a second, third and fourth. “No,” she looks over her shoulder with wanton eyes. “Harder,” she demands.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” Greg, with a twinkle in his eye, looks deep into Megan’s soft pools of blue and spanks her even harder. Her body lunges forward as she grunts and bites her lower lip. She continues to look at him, nodding.

The next series of spanks come down hard on Megan’s backside. Her whole body lunges with each swing of his hand. She can feel the warmth building on her flesh, accompanied by soft, stinging, pin prickles. She loves it. She loves the feeling of Greg’s hand on her flesh, creating such an orchestra of emotions and sensations. She looks at him, holding his gaze as his hand brings down sting after sting. Emotions swell up inside her. She has never loved him so much. Or was this lust bubbling inside her? Was this pure animal lust building its fire within her with each strike of her lover’s hand?

Lost within her own lust, Megan becomes aware of how much her buttocks now stings. “Wait,” she speaks. “I think I’ve had enough.”

“Are you sure,” Greg asks smartly. “Because I don’t recall you saying ‘red’.”

Megan looks back at him, the fire in her eyes. “You’re right, I didn’t. One more, Greg. Spank me as hard as you can and we’ll stop there.”

Greg nods with a huge smile on his face. His hand comes down hard on Megan’s ass, giving it everything he has. She yelps loudly in response. He lets his hand hold and rest on her backside, feeling the heat of him and her combined. His hand throbbing from the spankings and loving it. Within his trousers, his erection is hard. “Was that enough, or are you hungry for more?”

“As far as spankings are concerned,” Megan replies. “I am quite sated. But now I’m hungry for much more.” She looks at Greg’s erection, pushing against the fabric of his trousers and moans. “Now come over here and fuck me.”

It didn’t take long for Greg to get undressed and press his cock against Megan’s wet cunt. What surprised him most was feeling how wet the spanking made her and how easily his erection slid inside. He thrust deep and hard within her, filling her with his own passion. She, delighting in the feel of his hand as it stung her backside when he grabbed onto her plump flesh. She decided right then and there that there would be a lot more spankings in her future.

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