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It was just another night. Another night when the depression hit so hard, Celeste took to the night air. Sometimes, a long walk outdoors was just what she needed to get her head back into the right frame of mind. It didn’t seem to be working.

The attack came swiftly, quietly. Hand at her mouth while two small daggers pierced the flesh of her neck. Before she could even scream into the cold flesh against her mouth, his thumb and index finger began slowly pinching her nose, while his palm pressed into her, suffocating her. She became aware of the heat of her, slowly leaving her body and entering his. She concentrated on the soft, suckling sounds as he drank from her. Oddly, she found comfort in the sound of it. Instead of panicking for her final breaths of life, she closed her eyes, at peace with the end of it all.

Flashes of the life she once had, the one that made her happy, spilled from her mind and bled into his. Visions of green grass, past loves, incredible sex, summer days, snow covered forests, painted her assailants tongue. He tasted her. Tasted her very life. Tasted the joys she once had, slowly feeling her heart slow, until suddenly, her blood no longer tasted of that sweet metallic flavor, but of pure, bitter disgust. She wanted to die.

His fingers released her nose and her nostrils flared as the life came rushing back into it. Pure oxygen hitting her brain, making her dizzy, making her moan against his hand. He withdrew his teeth from her neck, steadying her within his arms as he began to drag her further off the beaten path and deeper into the thick of the forest. He laid her down gently. Above her, the moon shone brightly, a circular bulb of light fanned by the tops of the evergreens. The constellations blinked in and out of existence as the wind blew through the forest.

Celeste brought her hand to her neck, feeling the warmth of her slowly spill from her body. She looked at it. In the darkness, her blood was nothing more than a black smear across her fingers and palm. Below her, her assailant lifted her skirt and she did not fight him. His masculine hands, ice cold, spread her thighs and she moaned, willing him to complete what he had started. He leaned over and ripped her hosiery with his teeth before sinking into the ample flesh of her inner thigh. She gasped, feeling her life jet into his mouth.

Celeste, her name painted his tongue. He opened his mouth wider, letting the artery he severed do the work for him. Her life washed over his tongue, tasting her despair, tasting how she felt there was nothing more of her to give.

He broke away, placing a hand at her thigh, the coldness of his flesh applying pressure, almost foolishly believing he could stop the bleeding altogether. “Your life has no meaning to you, does it Celeste?”

“How did you…?” she stopped herself from asking. He knew her name. He knew she felt as cold and dark as the forest around her. There was no light left in her. There was no foolish aspirations of being more than what she was in this life. She was a lonely soul in an inspiring world that held absolutely no inspiration for her anymore. Not since she lost everything that she once lived for. There was no place for her here. Life had lost all meaning long ago.

His mouth covered her thigh once more, piercing the flesh deeper with his vampiric fangs. She bathed his tongue with her life, her blood telling the story of years gone by in flashes of images. Beneath him, Celeste began to twitch, her hands digging into the earth, feeling the fallen pine needless poking the tender skin of her palm. A strange sensation overcame her. She began to feel her pulse throbbing between her thighs. Her assailant groaned.

Celeste gasped as she realized it was not her pulse, but her clit throbbing. The more her blood flowed from her body, the more it throbbed in arousal. How could this be? She felt his mouth latch onto her even harder. She felt the pull of her flesh as he drank her in. His tongue lapped at her inner thigh, it felt cold against her skin as she knew it was washed by the pulsing of her blood. Each arterial pulse was matched by the throb of her clit.

Confused, she moaned loudly, letting her arousal flow through her body and into his. The more his mouth pulled at her flesh, the more she wanted to be part of him. Her blood, now bathed in her lust, began to heighten his own lust. He felt a swell of arousal within him and his cock grew hard. This is where it begins. This is where the blood lust takes its turn.

The flow of blood began to lessen. Even as Celeste felt her arousal come dangerously close to the edge, she knew it was coming to an end. The pulsing within her body began to grow weak. Life was starting to slip away from her. Her ears began to ring, as the sounds of the surrounding forest slowly faded away. The night sky blinked in and out of focus as she looked up, wondering if somehow, she would float away to the heavens soon enough. The sound of him suckling on her thigh, filled her ears once more and she found comfort in it as her life drained out of her and gave him, his. The suckling tug on her inner thigh grew softer and softer, until it was no more.

The night air, blew cold against her wet thigh as he moved above her. His body gave little warmth, as it covered her own, being almost as chilled as the breeze around them. She was fading, fading out of existence and she was not alone as she had imagined she would be. Her body lurched forward as she felt him push against her. Something cold and hard filled her body, it stretched her muscles, slicked by her own blood.

Deeper, deeper into the darkness she drifted, her body pressed into the earth. His body pressed into her own. The last of her life spilling from her veins. The darkness takes her, the constellations beckon.

to be continued …

© Secret Desire