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Continued from blood lust: beginnings.

Celeste gains consciousness. No telling how much time had passed. Her head muzzy and vision unfocused. What she was aware of was the distinct metallic taste in her mouth and her body being pushed rhythmically. Weak, she feels as though death was at her doorstep. No, it was. Her memory begins to flood back into her mind. Her eyes look up at the skies above her, the constellations blinking, moving in and out of focus with each thrust. Thrust? She gasps, letting the oxygen fill her lungs once more, gulping the air giving her her life back.

Each thrust from above expels the air from her lungs, causing her to inhale more deeply. She coughs and chokes on the cold oxygen. Things become more in focus and Celeste becomes cognizant that he is still there, above her, literally fucking her back into life. He who took it, was suddenly giving it back to her.

“Drink,” he moans as he thrusts his dripping wrist towards her mouth. The blood feels hot as it coats her lips. Instinctively, her hands grab his wrist and pulls it towards her. Her mouths opens and her tongue flicks the open wound, tasting him. She closes her lips around him and begins to suck, gently at first. He moans and thrusts harder into her.

Suddenly, her mouth is awash with the taste of lust. His blood stains her tongue. Julius, the name echoes through her mind. Visions of history flash through it. Paris, Rome, Madrid, London, New Orleans, these cities flood her in brilliant colors. The story of him surges through her veins, every lover, every victim, their blood racing into her being.

“Julius,” she whispers, as the blood washes over her lips. She licks his wrist, delighting in the feel of the warm blood against her lips. He moans, thrusting deeper and harder within her.

Celeste becomes enrapt in their fuck. The blood, its metallic taste, becoming sweeter and sweeter. She tastes his lust, his lust for her. Tighter she holds him against her, sucking him deeply. Feeling, no, seeing his cock moving in and out of her. The blood on her tongue a canvas, quickly filling with the images of their sex. She draws him in deeper, willing him to completely envelope her being.

She cries out in sudden pain, gripping her chest with her hand. Her heart beats a thousand lives at once. Her breathing shudders in sharp gasps. Julius grabs her from their bed on the earth, wrapping her within his arms, holding her against him. Impaled on his cock, she sits upright, her hands digging into his back, her legs wrapped around him. He can feel her heart pounding hard and fast against his chest. Her breath hisses between her clenched teeth as she tries to breathe. Celeste looks over his shoulder, her flushed cheek against his cold ear.

“Shh,” Julius tells her. “It will all be over soon.”

“Am…. I… dying?” Celeste can barely get the words out.

“Yes,” he answers. “Your mortal life is fading. Accept it, let the pain take you. It will pass.”

Celeste holds onto him tightly. Her heart races within her chest, pounding against her rib cage. It’s impossible to breathe. She feels his cock within her, each gasp of air tightens her muscles around him. The pain continues to build until suddenly, her heart begins to quiet and slow. She feels her body slowly begin to fade once more. Her lungs make one last desperate attempt to breathe the oxygen she so desperately needs. The world grows black. Her being, suspended in time. 1… 2… 3.. Her eyes fly open and she gasps, filling her lungs with the night air. Only, everything is different. She doesn’t need the oxygen to breathe, but instead the oxygen bathes her senses with the many scents of the world around her. In the far distance, a deer bleeds out, prey to a wolf. Within a mile, a woman walks, her rose perfume wafting into Celeste’s nostrils. The smell of a dozen meals, finding her from the nearest apartments.

“Look,” Julius urges. “Open your new vampire eyes and look at the world as you will now see it. See your purpose.”

Celeste opens her eyes, the forest alight with so many different colors. It is no longer dark with the colors of blue and black. The moon shines brightly upon them, a spotlight illuminating their congress. She sees the dark red of their dried blood. She sees every little detail down to the smallest drop of dew forming on the pine needles above them. The needles themselves a spread of greens.

Celeste becomes aware of Julius inside her. His cock, hard as stone, powerful. She grinds her hips against him, feeling a surge of lust swell within her body. She hungers. She hungers for him, for his blood. She bounces on his erection, her nipples brushing against his chiseled body from underneath the confines of her blouse. Vampires really feel like cold and hardened statues, she thinks to herself. She feels the pleasure building within her. The need for blood surges forward. She growls, digging her fingers into the flesh of Julius’ shoulders, before following what comes naturally. Her teeth pierce his neck, drinking in his blood. Her orgasm immediately swells within her, as his lust bathes her tongue. Visions of their sex fill her mind. The pleasure consumes her.

Julius breaks their blood union, pushing her back into the soil, her hands clawing at him in desperation. He tears her blouse open, her nipples exposed and pert to the night air. Thrusting deeper, harder inside her, his mouth covers her breast, licking the nipple gently. Celeste gasps at the cusp of orgasm.

Julius moves his mouth at the base of her neck waiting for the certainty of her approaching orgasm before plunging his teeth into her flesh, the warmth of her blood flooding his mouth and with it, her lust. Thrusting harder into her, her blood tells him all he needs to know. Celeste orgasms and her muscles clench tightly around his erection. Her blood carries the essence of her pleasure and his mind erupts. Time stands still. Shards of light blind him. Her pleasure becomes his own. He can taste her orgasm. He can feel her orgasm. He can see her orgasm. The true beauty of a woman’s orgasm washing over him once more. A euphoric dance of a million butterflies taking flight all at once, colliding in the air, entangled. Her body trembles beneath him and the colors and lights begin to fade.

Julius finds his moment and thrusts deeper, urging his own orgasm forward. Celeste moans beneath him, her orgasm leaving her hazy. “Drink”, he commands her. “Drink from me and really live”.

Celeste reaches up, arching her back, her nipples caressing his chest as she bites deep into his neck. She sucks his blood into her mouth. Her senses become assaulted by his lust. She groans against his flesh. His blood surges forward as his body pounds into hers. She feels his orgasm swell inside her, both body and mind. An intense sensation of needing a release overtakes her. She sucks on him harder, holding him tighter, her need building alongside his.

An explosion takes her by surprise. Her body nearly thrown back by his. His blood tastes of a thousand things at once. Her mind fills with visions, stimulated in explosions of red. Dark, light, shimmering, reds all speaking to her. She can hear his orgasm. His blood speaks the word lust on her tongue. She can see his body swell with tension and release himself inside her. Hundreds of years spill forth from his body and fill hers. Hundreds of years of tension, released all at once. Her mouth falls from his neck as she falls back into the leaves below her, heaving with breath, assaulted by the scents around her. The world spinning, she the center of a whirlwind of desire.

Time ticks away before Celeste can move again, Julius lying at her side. She sits up with a start, causing Julius to sit up with her, a questioning look on his face. Celeste breathes deeply, closing her eyes, a soft moan escapes her lips.

“I’m hungry,” she opens her eyes, now a soft amber instead of the dark brown they once were.

“And so it begins,” Julius chuckles, while standing and offering her his hand. Celeste looks at him quizzically. “The blood lust,” he answers. “The blood lust within you begins. I have much to teach you. The hunger will try to control you. The lust will drive your hunger in different ways.”

“Like tonight?”

“Like tonight,” he grins, reflecting on the unexpected events of the evening. So, he has a new “child” under his care. A new lover within his grasp. A new purpose within his own life.

“And I have purpose in my life once more,” Celeste answers his thoughts, their blood bond beginning to show itself.

Celeste takes his hand and stands beside him, her clothes completely tattered. Julius, eyeing her within the brightness of the moonlight. Her curves dancing within the light, illuminated almost as if by a hundred candles. He feels his blood lust swell by erection.

“Let’s take care of getting you some clothes,” he says in distraction. He closes his eyes, smelling, listening for their prey, a couple, walking along the lower forest road. It won’t be long before they are close. “Come,” he pulls her with him. “Dinner awaits.”

The two make their way silently through the forest, each with a new purpose, but for now, it’s the blood lust that seduces them.

To be continued … ? 

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